Savor the Sweet Moments

We're so glad you're here. At Sweet Jules Gifts we've taken the hands-on approach to candy making by personally crafting and perfecting signature ingredients valued for their unique flavors. We are confident that by putting in a little extra time and effort, we can deliver the truest flavors and showcase the very best.


Sweet Jules Red Satin Caramel Box large Petite Saveur Caramels from Sweet Jules Gifts 1/2# Holiday box Petite Saveur
Petite Saveur Caramels
Our Price: $42.95

MN pub crawl caramels, sweet jules gifts, beer gifts Sweet Jules Caramel Gift Pack, 8 delicious flavors Treat Yourself box of Sweet Jules caramels
Pub Crawl Caramels
Our Price: $39.95

16 Pack Treat Yourself Box
Our Price: $79.95