We're so glad you're here. At Sweet Jules Gifts we've taken the hands-on approach to candy making by personally crafting and perfecting signature ingredients valued for their unique flavors. We are confident that by putting in a little extra time and effort, we can deliver the truest flavors and showcase the very best.

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Pub Crawl Caramels Gourmet Signature Caramels Gift Box Salted Caramels Collection
  $42.95 Three Cheers For Beer!
Our Price: $39.95
Salted Caramels Collection

"I only eat Sweet Jule's caramels when I am happy and when I'm sad. 
Sometimes I eat them when I'm alone. 
When I am with friends I consider eating them obligatory. 
I trifle with them if I'm not in a hurry, and eat them when I am. 
Otherwise I never touch them unless I'm hungry." Jeremiah Tower

Photography by Yadin Dickstein (oh-dip.com)
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