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What Chefs Say About Sweet Jules Caramels

Diane Yang - Pastry Chef
Spoon and Stable

"So delicious I had to hide them around the house so I wouldn't eat them all in one day! For sure the best caramels I've ever had! Thank you Jules!"

Erik Anderson chef brut

The marriage of simple ingredients, well executed by people who obviously love what they do, to me that's the formula for a perfect bite. These Ladies nail it every time!!!! Once a box is open it certainly does not last too long at our house!"

Food and Wine's Best New Chef 2012
brut, Minneapolis

Emily Luchetti author of The Fearless Baker

"Sweet Jules' Caramels are the caramels of all caramels. Once you eat them there's no going back to any others. Each variety is unique and superbly flavored. Whichever one I had last is my favorite."


Excellent caramels!
Michael Ruhlman author and chef

"I only eat Sweet Jule's caramels when I am happy and when I'm sad.
Sometimes I eat them when I'm alone.
When I am with friends I consider eating them obligatory.
I trifle with them if I'm not in a hurry, and eat them when I am.
Otherwise I never touch them unless I'm hungry." Jeremiah Tower


"Sweet Jules Caramels are Salty Tart's sure thing treat! The perfect chewiness that doesn't hurt your teeth."

Michelle Gayer
Salty Tart
Midtown Global Market

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