Q & A

Questions About Sweet Jules Caramels

What sets Sweet Jules Caramels apart from other candies?
The difference between mass-produced candies and ours is huge. The first thing is freshness. Most commercial candy is made many months in advance and often can be years old. Our caramels are always fresh and they do have a shelf life of about 8-10 weeks though they will last longer if stored in a cool place. When you receive our caramels you can be assured that you are getting candy that was just made.

Do you use any preservatives or stabilizers or artificial anything in your caramels?
Absolutely not! At Sweet Jules we strive to create the purest candy we can.

What kind of ingredients do you use?
It's all about the integrity of an ingredient.
We use the finest ingredients we can find with an emphasis on local, but always striving for the best flavors so we shop around the world for what we need. Our chocolate is Swiss because we tested many dark chocolates over the years and found that the best chocolate for our caramels, one that wouldn't over power the caramel flavor, had to be Swiss. Our goal is retain the caramel flavor within each unique flavor.

What's the best temperate to serve caramels?
We find that room temp or slightly warmer will bring out all the flavors of a good caramel. The touch test is best; if you can leave a slight impression in the caramel it will be easy to bite into, if too firm let it warm up till it's soft being careful not to let it get too warm.

Why aren't the caramels all exactly the same size?
Our candy is hand cut so you can expect some variation in size.

Why make in small batches?
There's a certain skill to caramel making that requires a sharp eye and a steady hand. We've found that small batches in copper pots is the most effective way to create candy of the highest quality. Aunt Rosie (our aunt who sent us caramels every year at Christmas and inspired us) made hers as an act of love, taking the time with each batch. We are following her lead on this.

What are those black flecks in the caramels?
That's real vanilla bean! We use fresh vanilla bean.

How should I store my caramels?
Keep at room temperature if you'll eat them within eight weeks. If you want to store them for longer just keep them in a cool spot or freeze them. Although they won't have quite the same fresh flavor.

Do you ship in the warm-weather months?
Yes, we do! When the weather is warm we pack orders with thermo wrap and ice packs that stay dry. We will check weather and shipping and adjust accordingly.

What's our favorite flavor?
We get asked this a lot! We love them all but if we had to choose…Jule would pick Jules of Paris and Hope would pick Cafe Italiano. But we do love them all!

Do you offer refunds?


If you experience a problem with the quality of our caramels, customer service, or delivery, please let us know and we'll do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

If the full contents of your order do not arrive in perfect condition we are more than happy to replace damaged caramels, refund a shipping charge or take any other measures necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Customer service is extremely important to us. Our policy on resolving issues isn't very complicated because it's quite simple: We do what you’d like.

Our guarantee applies to every aspect of your Sweet Jules experience. From navigating our website or speaking with our customer support staff -- if you aren’t 100% satisfied with every aspect, please contact us. If you just have some general suggestions for improvement, give us a call and we'll gladly listen!

If you are encountering any difficulties at all, please email us at: hope@sweetjulesgifts.com or call: 320.282.8379 and we will begin resolving it immediately.