Red Satin Box Petite Saveur
Red Satin Box Petite Saveur

Red Satin Box Petite Saveur

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Red Satin Box For Valentine's Day

Petite Saveur 
1. Fleur de Sel - Our soft, buttery Vanilla Bean caramels is sprinkled with hand-harvested French sea salt. Adding salt to caramel is like turning up the volume on your favorite song. It's oooh, so much better!
2. Jules of Paris - Rich Swiss dark chocolate blended with our buttery Vanilla Bean caramel then crowned with French sea salt. With this one we tip our hats to to Paris, the sweetest city in the world!
3. Dark Chocolate & Pecan - Freshly roasted and salted pecans are set in our rich, buttery caramel, finished with a layer of velvety dark chocolate. A triumphant trio!
4. Classic Vanilla Bean - This buttery and soft, melt-in-your-mouth, genuinely classic caramel is our standard in caramel excellence. Jule and Hope's favorite childhood candy.

Large box (1pound) has 32 caramels, medium box (1/2#) has 16 caramels, and small box (1/4#) has 8 caramels.

Handcrafted and Always Fresh!

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